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HD Connection: What to Avoid After Filler, and Why!

Dermal filler is a popular treatment in which a substance (usually hyaluronic acid) is injected into the tissues to enhance volume, smooth lines and creases, and sculpt facial features. In order for the filler to settle nicely and provide the best results, here are a few rules of thumb after injections:

1. Do not rub, massage, or manipulate the area for at least 1 week. Filler does not fully settle and integrate into your tissues for 1-2 weeks. Putting any type of pressure on the area could move or disrupt the process of tissue integration.

2. Avoid touching the area for at least 4 hours. Give your skin time to begin healing without introducing bacteria from your hands to the injection sites that could lead to infections.

3. Sleep propped slightly upright and on your back for at least the first 72 hours. Lying flat can worsen swelling. You don’t want to lie on either side because it can disrupt the evenness of how the filler settles.

4. If your lips were injected, avoid pursing your lips (making kissy face, drinking out of straws, etc…) for at least 48 hours. Until 1-2 weeks post treatment, your filler has not integrated into the tissues. Pursing your lips can crease, dislodge, and make your filler look lumpy.

5. Avoid saunas, hot tubs, or very hot showers for at least 1 week. Heat can increase blood flow which makes swelling and bruising worse. Hot tubs are also crawling with bacteria that you definitely don’t want near sites if injection!

6. Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least the first 24 hours post-injections. Exercising increases your heart rate and blood pressure which can increase bruising and swelling.

7. Avoid alcohol, NSAIDs, or blood thinning agents for 24 hours after injections. These will increase the chance of bruising.

8. Ice, arnica, and Tylenol products can be used to decrease swelling and discomfort.

9. Don’t judge your results for 2 weeks. You have to give your body time to let any swelling or bruising to resolve and to least the filler settle into your tissues before deciding if you like your results! Believe me, day 1 and day 14 can look dramatically different so give it time.

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