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What is it?

Microneedling is a treatment done with the use of a device to cause tiny punctures in tissue to stimulate collagen production. It is used to treat acne scarring and fine lines/wrinkles. The device used at HD Aesthetic Wellness is SkinPen, one of the only devices FDA cleared to ensure safety and efficacy. The suggested amount of treatments is between 3-6 treatments at least 4 weeks apart (ideally treat every 4-6 weeks). It can also be combined with the use of ZO Skin Health products or Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP to enhance the collagen building properties. See PRP page for more information.



  • 1 session: $299

  • 3 sessions: $799 ($266 per session)

Receive 30% off of IV hydration if added onto another service or procedure!
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  • 1 session: $399

  • 3 sessions: $999 ($333 per session)

For more Microneedling options with PRP

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