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HD Connection: Does Botox Age You?

Recently there has been some buzz on social media about whether or not Botox and other neurotoxins age people faster. I am going to keep this one short and sweet because there isn't much merit to this claim whatsoever.

Botox relaxes or paralyzes muscles to prevent movement that causes lines on the face. It is a treatment (it stops dynamic lines) and a preventative measure (it helps prevent and fade lines that one sees at rest). A person's aging is dependent on multiple factors; genetics, environment, sun exposure, stress, diet, the list goes on. But there has been no proof that Botox speeds this process up.

One claim is that if you use Botox and then stop, you will age more quickly. This is false. You will age the way your body intends to from that point on. It may be more noticeable if a person goes from having a smooth forehead to one that is not limited in movement, but the aging process is not sped up. There is no chemical or compound in Botox that can alter your genetics or have an effect once it is gone.

If Botox is used over time, muscles do atrophy or weaken/shrink which can cause skin to appear looser in those areas. For example, when masseters are treated consistently they shrink and can provide the effect of facial slimming. However, if done on a person with pre-existing skin laxity, this could cause the appearance of aging. This is why it is important to choose your provider wisely and have educated conversations about the procedures you are having done.

The moral of this story is, when it comes to medical procedures of any sort please ask a professional and don't seek answers through social media.

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