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What is it?

PDO smooth threads are made of a substance called polydioxanone, similar to the material that surgical sutures are made of. As polydioxanone breaks down, it elicits a reaction that stimulates a person’s own collagen production. When placed in areas with acne scarring, lines, wrinkles, or volume loss the collagen production can help smooth, tighten, and lift the area more naturally. The thread will break down and be absorbed over about 4-6 months but the effect of the collagen production can last 1-2 years.  

Face lifting PDO Suture operation. innovative technique of New thread lift, cosmetologist


  • The number of treatments is dependent on each patient and the desired effect of treatment. The procedure can be repeated every month for optimum results. The amount of threads placed at each treatment is also dependent on the severity of the scarring,  volume loss, or laxity and on which particular area is being treated. 

  • $30 per thread.

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