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What is it?

Kybella is a product made of deoxycholic acid. It is FDA approved to be injected into submental fat (fat below the chin) and gradually dissolves fat cells. Kybella will not destroy fat cells that develop after the procedure, so it is important to also commit to a healthy diet and exercise to see the best results. Swelling is an expected side effect of Kybella and is generally the worst after the first injection. The swelling should subside in less than 4 weeks from injection. 

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​The best results are seen with more than one treatment and a personalized treatment plan should be in place for each individual based on amount of submental fat. An average of 2-4 treatments are needed in order to see optimal results but can take up to 6 treatments. These treatments are spaced out by at least 4 weeks between each. The number of vials needed depend on each individual, but in general a higher number of vials is needed in the first sessions and then decreases. For example, a patient may require 4 vials for the first treatment, 3 vials for the second treatment, and then 2 vials for subsequent treatments. Again, this is different for each person based on depth of submental fat, area of submental fat, and desired treatment effects.

  • 1 vial: $499

  • 4 vials: $1799 ($449 per vial)



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